Methods: List of Autograph books


(consulted at Kilmainham Gaol Archive)

As well as locating names from graffiti they were also located through examining original and photocopy autograph books held in the Kilmainham Gaol archive and combined with names retrieved from graffiti on walls of the West Wing of Kilmainham Gaol. The name of the autograph book owners is noted in the table and the full archival reference is noted below. More information on methods used to record the autograph books can be found here.

KMGLM 2010.0129 Brigid Brophy

KMGLM 2010.0130 Brigid Reed

KMGLM 2010.0131 Susan Merrigan

KMGLM 2010.0114 Peg Lawlor [Later Mrs D Cleere]

KMGLM 2010.0133 Mary Twamley

KMGLM 2010.0177 Jenny Coyle

KMGLM 2010.0196 Nellie Fennell

KMGLM 2010.0199 Mary Doyle

KMGLM 2010.0200 Kitty Coyle

KMGLM 2010.0116 May Gahan O’Carroll

KMGLM 2010.0164 Lily Gleeson

KMGLM 2010.0173 Nellie Lambert

OBJ0023 Bridie Halpin

PC002 Maggie Timmins (Photocopy)

20 MS 1B53 12 Hannah O’Connor

20 MS ID34 01 Frances Casey

20 MS 1D45 17 Katie O’Connor

20 MS ID45 05 Mai Moloney

20 MS ID46 04 Nellie Merrigan

20 MS ID46 05 M Lavery

20 MS ID46 06 Fanny O’Connor

20 MS ID46 07 Susan Ryan

20 MS ID46 08 Susan Ryan (Photocopy No 2)


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